Aching Shoulder Pains

Aching Shoulder Pains

Everyones got those terrible terrible aching shoulder pains from time to time. It happens, whether it’s from the usual lifting of weights and so on, or the menial labour from your job. Either one, both of them cause those annoying aches! So what if you’re a care giver and you have someone who has a terrible shoulder pain? Here are a list of ways to treat an shoulder pain, from simple to a bit more complicated methods.

Doing Light Shoulder Stretches

If your shoulder is stiff and you’re feeling the chronic pain. It might just be from a workout or an intense muscle stretch session. It would be ideal to do some shoulder stretches to ease out and spread the pain. Here are a few shoulder stretches you can try.

  • Shoulder Rolls
  • Chin Retractions
  • Shoulder Rotation
  • Cow Pose

These are just a few shoulder stretches. There are many more you can try, or you can even make up a few shoulder stretches yourself! It really depends on you and how you feel with your shoulder. Whether it’s a mild ache or something more serious, where shoulder stretches wouldn’t be effective at all.

Using A Shoulder Ice Pack

If you’ve got a bit more of a serious shoulder ache, from an accident or you may have stretched it too much out of line….this is a lay mans way of getting a shoulder fix. The shoulder ice pack is easy to setup, simply freeze it in your freezer and apply onto your shoulder. The amount of time you apply onto your shoulder may depend as sometimes if your shoulder has a more serious you’re going to have to apply it for a longer time. It may not be quick, but it can certainly get the job done. You’re most likely going to start seeing results after a few days of applying the ice pack.

Getting A Shoulder Massage

Sometimes if the pain is agonizing and you can’t take it. A shoulder massage from a chiropractor or just a casual one may fix it. Simply tell them the required areas to focus on and see how it goes. It may or may not solve your aches. Hence why if none of these methods work, ask a doctor to get an overview of your ache and what you should do.

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