Making Sure Your Back Is Stretched!

Making Sure Your Back Is Stretched!

When you’re a caregiver, a vital portion of being helpful is knowing what others need. Whether it’s as simple as caring for what they need, or if they have problems with their body. You need to be equipped to better serve them if they’re ever in need of physical assistance. A growing problem these days is back ache, mainly because of the problems we create when viewing our technological devices. Simple remedies can solve that terrible back pain issue, such as stretching your back. Most people overlook this solution, but it’s easy and wonderful!

Simple Stretches:

Yep, simple stretches can solve that back issue in just a few minutes. Here are a few stretches you can follow to solve the issues:

  • Arc Position

Simply form an arc position, with both your legs and hands. Stay in this position for about 15-45 seconds, depending on how long you can stay in this position. The longer you stay in this position, the easier it is to stretch in the future.

  • Back Stretchers

An back stretcher is the lazy mans solution to stretching their back. Make no mistake, even when using a back stretcher it takes time to get used to it. Just make sure when finding a stretcher, you find the fabric suited for you. Hardness, softness, and fabric make up the stretchers quality. Here is an article to find the perfect back stretcher so you don’t have to go through the hassle of going through many Amazon listings. That can be a huge pain!!

  • Hands To Toes

Hands To ToesSit on the floor and put one leg towards the inside of the other. Now reach with your hand to the one leg, and try to stretch as much as you can by trying to touch the toes of the leg. Try your hardest to touch it, you might stretch your back a bit which is great as the more you do it the more you’ll get accustomed to stretching.


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