Relieving A Tense Neck

Relieving A Tense Neck

You may be thinking, oh a tense neck…I’ve had those many times. As caregivers you may have those problems. There are many reasons to having a tense neck, whether it’s the movement or just staying in the same place at one time. A tense neck can also be accompanied by an headache, muscle aches all over your body and many other problems that may ensue. So…what are the reasons that cause a tense neck you may be asking yourself. Here are the simple ones:

Sleeping The Wrong Way

This may be an easy way to get a painful neck ache. I for sure have gone through this problem many times! If you sleep on the wrong position at night, in the morning you may get a painful ache. Just remember when you’re sleeping, to get into a comfortable position which won’t bother you in the morning. A simple fix if you’re sleeping positions aren’t the problem…is to get a new pillow. Yes, a new pillow can solve your problem fairly easily and quickly. If you’re neck suits softness, get a memory foam or ultra thin pillow. If you’re neck is suited for hardness, get a more firm and hard pillow. That way, during the night no aches should occur.

Injuries In Life

An more experienced or hard neck situation to fix may be with an injury regarding the neck. Whether it was a small accident, when you strained it way to much or just an sports accident. Both very serious with your neck, as the normal pillow fix won’t work at all. Heating pads for the neck should work fairly easily to soothe and calm your neck. It will provide a relaxing heat spread around your neck for long periods of time, relaxing the tense muscles. After many uses your neck should be much less tense, and those muscles should be very calm. Remember this fix may or may not work, it all depends on how serious your injury may be.

If none of these methods work in healing your tense neck, it’s time for you to see a doctor. Seriously. If you’re neck is tense, and after weeks or even months you can’t find a remedy. It may be something serious you need checked out! All our tips are just quick fixes, not long term ones, hence why a doctor would be a very smart choice.

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