Using The Correct Products For Your Loved Ones

Using The Correct Products For Your Loved Ones

When caring for your loved ones, there are certain products you should use to take care of them whether it’s gloves or other products. There are just certain things you do, and don’t touch. If you’re caring for someone, and they have an itch on their back..what do you do? A simple answer may be to scratch that itch with your hand. That’s a NO NO. There are certain hygeine barriers you don’t pass. Touching someones back can be hazardous, what if they have an infection or a disease?

So How Do You Scratch Someones Back?

Well, since you can’t use your hand normally to scratch someones back due to the fear of getting infected or catching something you don’t want. You can just..

  • Use a Glove

Yep, the simplest idea of all! When you’re caring for your loved one, a glove can be the answer. Simply put it on, and scratch your loved ones back. And don’t be fearful about anything you might catch, because you won’t. The gloves acts as a protective shield between anything harmful.

But what if you don’t have a glove at hand…what do you do? You can’t use your hand…

Back scratcherA back scratcher will do just fine to get the job done. A simple telescopic back scratcher allows you to get the job done even easier. It allows you to retract and retrace to however long you want the scratcher to be. I attached a link to a telescopic back scratcher which can retract all the way to 20″ so you don’t have to deal with any problems when retracting a back scratcher. So the back scratcher is the simple answer for your!

I answered this question mainly because of the countless amount of times I had to scratch someones back, and I didn’t want to use my hands. Due to the fear of catching anything, I found that these two ways above work the best on stopping you from catching anything.

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